The Cleansing Fire

Fire pulses through my mind
Fire is on my tongue
I speak to you
Like the narrators of old

Thunderous my voice sounds
Tear-inducing whisper from my lips
Cleansed my mind
Erased the stains upon my Soul

Fire is around me
Fire is within me

Take me
Love me

Take yourself and rise
Above all fear and lies

This is

The cleansing fire


Auri (The essence of beauty)

There is a little girl living underneath the University. Her Name is Auri. She is happy, but she has no reason to be.

That is what we tell ourselves. But it is not true.

She has every reason to be. Because she knows so much more about Beauty than we do.

I was searching for Auri all my life. Because she is what is in all of us, waiting to break free.

She is the essence of Beauty.


When the Stones fall

We’re standing at the edge
The wind pushes us back
The starlight drives us on

Are we lost?

It all became so different
From one voice to a network of cries
From a line in the sand to cathedrals
When will we live in peace

When will this madness end?

Nightfall arose
Mindwalkers tread upon our sacred ground
They still think this love is only ours

But it is not, it never was

The Story will tell of the time of the end
If we can not come to understand
That Stones are not something to be adored
But a tool for the greater good

You’re horrified
Tell me
Do you not see
The rise of Beauty

When the Stones fall

From voices for each other
And Acts of love and grace
From Organs on to orchestras
Let holieness amaze

From teachers on to preachers
Shepherds don’t see you free
They tell you how to be
But never how to seek

All grandness has its place
Go forth and shine, amaze
But know that this should not be
The end of your life’s Story
Beginning is true Beauty

A circle is disgrace

They don’t want you to suffer
They want you to stop fighting

Want you to glow, to shine, to burn

To fade

To fade into the light of a Billion suns

You’re horrified
Is it the power?
Is it the satisfaction?
Is it the adoration?

Should this mean anything to you?

There are so many humble servants
So many teachers of the light
So precious few who teach the Beauty of the rainbow

How to see it
To evaluate it
To love like god loves us

By knowing it down to its core

We’re standing at the edge
There is no turning back

Are we lost?

No, never!

As long as one person believes the rainbow lives
And builds a bridge into the land

Where mindwalkers must fall, don’t be afraid
If you truly are a teacher of the Lord
Then you are meant to fade

And when you do then god will smile

The stars echo a song
On a night Born

Dream of a child fulfilled

When the Stones fall


The Definition

Beauty is infinite complexity.
Infinite complexity is what the world is made of.
So are you a world?
Of course you are.
God was a creator.
Are you a creator?
Yes, you are.
So you are a god.
Immortal. That which never ends.
Timeless. That which never began and has no end.
So are you immortal? Of course you are. Why? Because what you are
is what you create. Are you timeless? Yes. Are you infinite? Yes.

We never talked too little. We talked too much because we couldn’t break it down. I was a multi-talent and even I…I needed 30 years to see this.

Did you ever wonder if the pain of the world was worth it.

Stop wondering. This pain created me. Us.

So it was worth it.

Be free. Be happy.

You deserve it. Because you are eternal. Timeless. Immortal.


The song of stones

In the wasteland, in the valley
Where no streams flow lie the stones
Dust and ashes tell their stories
Tales are told among the bones

Wanderers fear them, demons near them
Speak of cruelties of man
Stones where there when heaven burned down
And the snake-spawned war began

Angels weep each time they see them
They remain when chaos grows
Flowers die, stones are eternal
Silence, hear their music flows

They will see the night and they have seen the dawn
Kings of one place, wearing a solitary crown
In lonelieness they dwell
This place they know so well

Better than a mother knows her child
Better than a lover knows his angel
Better than the devil knows the night

No one loves and knows like masters of one place for eons past

Wanderers fear them, demons near them
Take their counsel for the evil they can do
For the evil that stones see is unsurpassed
Because the hate of man burns bright and ever true

In the wasteland, in the valley
Where no streams flow lie the stones

Dust and ashes sing their sadness
Eons past create their madness

For gods always die alone

Suns will burn us when the time comes
We are nothing but an echo
Our tale ends among the ashes

But our tale is so much sweeter
For it makes a song of life
And we should always remember

Gods reign above flesh and bones

But gods always die alone

Through the darkness and the silence
A plea, a crie

The song of stones