Believe in the Way

If once there comes a day
When you feel helpless
When you are down
And there is a path back to strength that is long
You have to retrieve
You have to believe

In the way

There will be days when you feel you do not deserve this
But guilt makes nothing better once the lesson’s learned
Do you want to be remembered
As one who squandered
A second chance?
Or do you want to be remembered
As one who took the gifts given to him
And earned

His or her place in the world

“It is not fair!”, I know that, but again
What use is there in wondering
What would have been
What might still be
Is an open question
Is an endless sea

Of possibility

If you throw everything away
Your story is a story of decay
Of ruin without purpose

Is this what you want your story to be?

You can not always know the road
And if you can not see
But there’s a hand to guide you, don’t slap it away
There is no shame in needing guidance
But there is shame in avoidance

Of change that makes things better

You may hate what you were
But this is the reason
That remaining in the cycle of guilt would be treason
To the ones who give
A second chance, to love and live

Be better than you were

This is the guiding star
To be the light yourself one day
That you need now
But it can only happen

If you believe in the way