The god of mist


The God of Mist


All wanders

All wanders

From the beginning of time

Every word, life, love and every rhyme

To the end of time

All wanders into ruin


Not even darkness is eternal

And every light is an inferno

Of life and song

Of grains that are sown

Into the wind

And we so wish

We could grow forever


But all wanders


If everything fades that life creates

What is the point and where is the reason?

True love, broken faith, loyalty, treason

Whither and die

So tell me why


Why are we here?


Because everything wanders

And in every footstep blossoms a flower

A joy to behold

In every moment the journey is found

Because all wanders

And paths cross

Making moments of peace and of love


Each breath is light

Shining upon us from above

It’s the rhyme, it’s the reason

And it is enough


Through the Rain

Through the rain, through the flame
I learned something about myself
There’s a book now on my shelf
And it tells me of my life

All I hoped, all I strived
Clouded by dishonesty
Knowing yourself is a gift
It’s the truth that makes you free

Music, stories, all by mind made
The unreal is my domain
It’s the fire, it’s the flame
That can fuel me every day

To get up now with a smile
Cause the day holds life ahead
All my doubts and all I dread
Vanish into voids unseen

It’s the new day, it’s the gleam
In the eye of sun itself
There’s a book now on my shelf
And it lets me see it clearly

What my life was, what it is
Most of all what it can be
Break the slumber, wake in me
All the things that I can make

No one knows what is ahead
The future is an unknown stream
Meet it headlong, swim within
Hide not from the coldest water

It brings life, and life ahead
makes you wake up with a smile
All the doubts and all you dread
Won’t be gone, but will be less

Of a burden if you know
What it is that makes your heart beat
Know yourself and you can sow
Purest Life, so others wake up

With a smile, community
Is the deepest joy of man
Sharing what you make creates it
I look back, where it began

Is when I created again
Woke the deepest joy of a man

Of that man that is now me


MuseScore Beauty: The tale begins (The Final Law song 1)

This is one of my own songs from a concept album, so the post has a different format than the other posts in the series. Originally written as a concept album for a metal band, I decided to turn the songs of “The Final Law” into songs for voice, piano, organ and bass. The main reason is that I like the sound of that combination of instruments in MuseScore a lot.

Story: The song is the first of several songs which tell a story about earth being abandoned by the ruling elite. The story then describes the rise and downfall of the ruling elite when they meet an alien civilization and abuse them for their own purposes. Which are to gain power.

In “The tale begins” the people left on earth set the stage for the tale to be told. “They walked on flowers into the night” refers to the ruling elite fleeing to the stars. “We walked on corpses into the light” refers to the successful rebellion of the lower classes on earth. “Two empires will rise above, one of love, one of fear, they spread their twilight”. On earth an empire of love, guided by the final law, is build, while in the stars an empire of fear will rise. An empire which is build by deception (“their twilight”).

Music: The Organ and voice (flute in the score) together with the bass make a slow beginning, which then turns into the faster tempo which dominates the song. There is a returning musical theme, a passage which is played multiple times, but it doesn’t comprise the whole song. In fact the song is comprised of two returning passages and two passages which are just played at one point in the song. I like how that gives the song some balance between being interesting and having recognizable elements. The song is supposed to set the stage for the rest of the album, as an opener, and I think it fits that role well.

Of course I am curious to know what you think of the concept and of the song. Every comment is appreciated!



MuseScore Beauty: Saria’s Song

In the series MuseScore Beauty I write about beautiful songs written with the free notation software MuseScore, either songs of others or of myself. In this post I want to take a closer look at Elliot Andrew’s “Saria’s Song”.

Mood and Images: Saria’s song is based on a beautiful theme which the composer varies a lot throughout the song. It creates a wonderfully mystic, fantasy-like atmosphere. Think Elven music in Lord of the Rings, a little more lively and for kids. It makes me think of the heroine in an undefined fairy tale, with her climbing around in a fantasy forest. It could easily also be the soundtrack for a fantasy game.

Instruments of the song: piano, Cello, Flute, Ocarina, Tambourine and Violoncello.

Musical characteristics: The theme itself is characterized by a “from valley to mountain peak to valley” like movement, like the first half of a sine curve. Tempo wise it varies between slow and medium fast, lively tempo. One strength of the music is that it constantly builds through variation: a) which instrument plays the theme, b) the accompaniement of the theme constantly changes.

I recommend this score to everyone who likes fantasy/fairy tale or generally beautiful, relaxing music. The piece focuses on the main theme, so it is a bit repetitive, but the variations more than make up for that.



Beautiful Beginning

No sun shines

it’s quite a rainy day

Chilly, but mild

it’s quite a time to find a new way


Rays in my heart, aimless for far too long

the rays they fight against the doubt and fear

I want to belong

To something that’s productive

Endless consumption, so seductive

Can not fill my heart, not ever

Only doing, creative and useful,

Is a worthy endeavour


So I try to make, on this quite rainy day

With nervousness, and even fear to stray

a new path, a new way


Where it will lead I do not know

For fate’s wheel is always spinning

Time will tell, if my deeds will make


A beautiful beginning


The castle

Once I was trapped
Betrayed by my mind
To a bed of iron
That felt
Like the softest touch
In my mind, too much
To cope with

The castle

I wandered
through the most wonderful dreams
of poetry
of peace and of serenity
retreat from pain
from the “in vain”
of my struggles

my mind inside the castle

The doors where closed
and when the outside spoke a word
the greatness of my feelings, drowned like a bleeting herd
the words of advice
forced to stay
by beauty
love for everything I see

Inside the castle I felt fire so hot that I got burned
without noticing, and not noticing the pain
meant I enjoyed, like nothing never I did before

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times
The best inside
The worst when I was forced to come out
To look at the ruin that I made

Such fear, such guilt, such pain
such trembling and such stain
never again

but oh how much I long
cause sometimes everything seems pale
from such heights fallen
like having had the holy grail

and now drinking from a normal cup

But never, never again
The price, it is too high
Too fast it’s over, too fast draws near
The guilt, the shame, the fear
My mind in shadows ever since the castle broke around me
Crumbled to dust
what remains is love earned in the past

It carries me, without it I’d be dead
In such times, people who love you’s all you have

I walked the sunlit fields
My mind remains in shadow
The light crawls slowly in
But the way still is long

I will not fall
no road leads me back to what I was
No matter the cost
I will never raise it again

The castle