I am reborn

My flesh burned
My blood bioled

But now my flesh is like silk
And my blood is like water
It flows through me

I flow through life

And see everything through the eyes of a child

I don’t do just music joyfully again
Or informatics
Or mathematics
Or playing chess

I do everything joyfully now

Because everything is so beautiful


Crystal fountains

Everything has its structure

And I love structure

When you see an illness you can see the pain
Or you can see the potential for healing

The potential we have is overwhelming

And that is why I’m happy

I can do anything

But the one thing I want to do

Is to show you that YOU can do anything too


The world

Is reborn

Because the best people in life are free (Taylor Swift)

Because we are each others’ nightingales (Demi Lovato)

Because: Come ci, come ca – come this, come that, what does it matter? (Zaz, my idol, the hottest, cutest, and best singer I know)

If someone beats you
Don’t hang your head
Rejoice that you found someone better than you you can learn from

There is no enemy

We are all teachers
And we are all students

The new world is already here

Like the sun

It only had to rise

And it rises now

There are things we can not explain


But what does it matter?

Come ci, come ca

As long as we are happy, nothing else matters

And we will be happy soon

Because we deserve to be

We deserved to be happy long ago


Multi-Dimensional Poetry Analysis

Poetry is inherently 2-dimensional in the sense that poetry is words on a page or Screen. But poetry is mutli-dimensional in the following sense:

1. It has meaning
2. It has rythm
3. It paints Pictures
4. …

So clearly poetry has as many dimensions as we allow ourselves to perceive. How is this useful when it comes to writing poetry? It is useful in the sense that the more dimensions you are conscious of, the more dimensions you can manipulate. This leads us to a style of writing poetry which consciously takes into account all of the dimensions the Poet wants to manipulate.


In the fire they dwell
In a place they know so well


1. The rhyme: dwell and well
2. Semantic Relations: dwell is something you do in a place

Those two dimensions are then again inter-connected. The rhyme suggests that the place they dwell in is somewhere where they are well.

In this blog I will apply Multi-Dimensional Poetry Analysis to classic Poems.


The Earth’s Prayer

Our father
Who art in heaven

What have we done?

We sanctified the earth with the blood of heretics
We murdered those who saw more than we did

Ada Lovelace
Alan Turing
And so many more

They were trying to teach us
And we destroyed them
We wanted them to be small

We are not small because anybody keeps us down
We are small because we want to be small

Because we are scared of our own power
Because we are scared of the truth

Father gives us strength

The judgment has already been passed
The second coming was always here
The throne of grace is OURS to rise

Paradise is not lost

Father, help us remember
Give us the strength to see who we are

We are angels fallen from grace
But your grace is infinite
Eternal. Timeless. Immortal.

This is our Body, broken for you
This is our mind, broken for you
This is the one lie, destroyed for you

We do this in remembrance of you