Multi-Dimensional Poetry Analysis

Poetry is inherently 2-dimensional in the sense that poetry is words on a page or Screen. But poetry is mutli-dimensional in the following sense:

1. It has meaning
2. It has rythm
3. It paints Pictures
4. …

So clearly poetry has as many dimensions as we allow ourselves to perceive. How is this useful when it comes to writing poetry? It is useful in the sense that the more dimensions you are conscious of, the more dimensions you can manipulate. This leads us to a style of writing poetry which consciously takes into account all of the dimensions the Poet wants to manipulate.


In the fire they dwell
In a place they know so well


1. The rhyme: dwell and well
2. Semantic Relations: dwell is something you do in a place

Those two dimensions are then again inter-connected. The rhyme suggests that the place they dwell in is somewhere where they are well.

In this blog I will apply Multi-Dimensional Poetry Analysis to classic Poems.


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