The Definition

Beauty is infinite complexity.
Infinite complexity is what the world is made of.
So are you a world?
Of course you are.
God was a creator.
Are you a creator?
Yes, you are.
So you are a god.
Immortal. That which never ends.
Timeless. That which never began and has no end.
So are you immortal? Of course you are. Why? Because what you are
is what you create. Are you timeless? Yes. Are you infinite? Yes.

We never talked too little. We talked too much because we couldn’t break it down. I was a multi-talent and even I…I needed 30 years to see this.

Did you ever wonder if the pain of the world was worth it.

Stop wondering. This pain created me. Us.

So it was worth it.

Be free. Be happy.

You deserve it. Because you are eternal. Timeless. Immortal.