The song of stones

In the wasteland, in the valley
Where no streams flow lie the stones
Dust and ashes tell their stories
Tales are told among the bones

Wanderers fear them, demons near them
Speak of cruelties of man
Stones where there when heaven burned down
And the snake-spawned war began

Angels weep each time they see them
They remain when chaos grows
Flowers die, stones are eternal
Silence, hear their music flows

They will see the night and they have seen the dawn
Kings of one place, wearing a solitary crown
In lonelieness they dwell
This place they know so well

Better than a mother knows her child
Better than a lover knows his angel
Better than the devil knows the night

No one loves and knows like masters of one place for eons past

Wanderers fear them, demons near them
Take their counsel for the evil they can do
For the evil that stones see is unsurpassed
Because the hate of man burns bright and ever true

In the wasteland, in the valley
Where no streams flow lie the stones

Dust and ashes sing their sadness
Eons past create their madness

For gods always die alone

Suns will burn us when the time comes
We are nothing but an echo
Our tale ends among the ashes

But our tale is so much sweeter
For it makes a song of life
And we should always remember

Gods reign above flesh and bones

But gods always die alone

Through the darkness and the silence
A plea, a crie

The song of stones


Gates of Peace

It was cold, it was dark
All around there was no star
I was wandering lost and lonely
No hope echoed from afar

Darkness and bitter pain
I was longing for the light
Hope was just a dream, forgotten
And no light of love shone bright

Deep in the night, in the darkness
Came a whisper through the storm
Ray of sunshine through the dark clouds
Mended a heart, shattered, torn

When the night was its darkest
There were lights before my eyes
There were lights of love before my eyes

All the people who love you
All the love that they gave you
Are in times of fear and sorrow
The gates of peace

Smile that shines like a sunray
Came to me, a new found dream
Melodies were now awoken
Stilled the chaos of pain’s stream

Love that’s born from a parting
Wounded heart inspired me
When the stone breaks and the stream flows
Then life’s water sets us free

You showed a path through the mountains
That awoke the singer’s voice
When I longed to follow darkness
You gave me another choice

When the night was its darkest
Came a whisper in the night
Stirred my soul, your voice there in the night
Beauty wounded, beauty healed me
It’s your beauty that has sealed me
With the seal that breaks all suffering

My gate of peace